Monthly Amazon Update – October 2019

Published on 25.11.2019

Amazon Info

The disadvantages outweigh and the successes are less than expected? Why Amazon might be on the wrong track with its private label brands. Link

Amazon launches its marketplace on 07.10.2019 in Singapore. This means that Amazon is now represented in 16 countries. Singapore follows the launches in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Link

3 million third-party sellers have been represented on Amazon's marketplaces since 2017. That makes 3,317 new sellers in the last 1000 days. The USA, India and the UK share more than half of the new sellers. Link

The middle classes and politicians are warning against Amazon. Again and again, a disentanglement of the company is demanded. The German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (ZGV) has commissioned a study on the relocation of the retail trade to the Internet. Link

Amazon seems to have slowly reached the end of growth and the giant's net profit falls by 26% in the 3rd quarter. Spending increased by about $14 billion compared to last year. Link

Marketing Essentials

Amazon is disputing Google's advertising profits: more and more market shares are moving from Google to Amazon - even though the web market is so important for Google. Link

New features in customer reviews on Amazon: The existing reviews will be replaced by ratings and a star rating no longer has to be linked to a written review. Link

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