Monthly Amazon Update – November 2018

Published on 07.01.2019


Exciting: Amazon is gradually introducing 360° images. Link

For customers and sellers there is no way around Amazon in Germany. A study shows how Amazon drives them into dependency. Link

Amazon has selected New York City and Northern Virginia as locations for its new headquarters. Link

Apple brings new products to Amazon and expands its range. For example, iPhone XR will soon be available directly from Amazon. Link

Low rate: While 72% of sellers use the FBA model (Fulfillment by Amazon), only 45% of sellers do so. Link

For the first time, most Thanksgiving online purchases were made on smartphones - Mobile First! Link

Amazon is becoming more and more interested in a very specific area: healthcare. Link

The German Federal Cartel Office initiates an investigation. There is a suspicion that the online giant is taking advantage of its dominance over the marketplace traders. Link


Where do Germans buy Christmas presents? Link

This is what experience shopping looks like in the future. Pioneer: Amazon with its 4-star stores and fashion pop-ups. Link

Amazon Advertising: How to optimize on mobile. Link

The German „Stiftung Warentest” compares Food delivery services like Bringmeister, AmazonFresh and others. Link


Amazon wants brands to promote voice shopping with Alexa: Link

OTHER PLATFORMS / MARKETPLACES has seen growth in Q3 since focusing on European partnerships. Link

Alibaba and register record sales. Link

Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index selects top 10 European retailers in digital: Link

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