Amazon is looking to develop its brick-and-mortar business further and expand Amazon Go retail stores to the most popular airports in the U.S. Will it work? Link

Amazon is re-thinking its strategy for “CRaP” items that can’t realize a profit. Products like bottled water and paper towels are usually sold under 15$, they are bulky and make a minimal or no margin at all. Link

Police officers in the US are planting fake Amazon parcels with GPS trackers at peoples’ doorsteps to catch thieves who are regularly stealing people’s packages. Link

Amazon official review program VINE – How can you get reviews for your product and what it takes to become an official Amazon product reviewer? Link


More and more customers are trusting Amazon with their fast delivery capabilities and turning away from other online retailers. Amazon is winning sales through the most important value proposition for majority of the consumers out there – instant gratification. Link

The top 50 products that sell the most on NOW! The list includes Haribo gummi bears, Nintendo Switch, latest technology, umbrellas and more. Link


Amazon stated that the number of voice-activated orders placed via its virtual personal assistant Alexa were three times greater during the 2018 holiday season than they were in the last year. Link  


Google Shopping, which is known as a product-price comparison platform, is launching its e-commerce store in France, where consumers can buy products directly from Google. Link