Monthly Amazon Update - February 2019

Pubblicato il 09.03.2019


Due to the highly competitive environment, one of the key success factors for brands selling on Amazon is winning the Buybox. But what to do when you realize that you have lost the buybox to another seller? Link

Amazon has required CPG sellers to re-think their packaging and make it greener, sturdier and cheaper to ship. The initiative started last year in August and brands have reacted quite quickly. All in all, the packaging of goods for retail or for ecommerce platforms is a totally different game. Link

Amazon’s plan to build its second HQ in New York City has been cancelled, which leaves the company to look for a new place for their second business hub. NYC will lose 25,000 high paying jobs and approximately $3 billion in tax breaks because of the decision. Link



Amazon has launched Sponsored Products Ad in the Amazon Fresh category. As groceries are digitally one of the most under-penetrated product categories, Amazon is growing in the segment and stealing advertising dollars from Walmart and other big grocery chains. It is a huge branding opportunity for food companies. Link

Amazon has launched a new yearly week of discounts called “The Popcorn Week”, where customers can get great deals for products in the entertainment product category (DVD’s, electronics, snacks). The offers start on 1st of March. Link

People have started to receive mysterious Amazon packages on their door-step even though they have not ordered anything. These packages include variety of products like sex toys, smartphones or binoculars. Amazon is trying to find out who is behind these fake Amazon deliveries. Link



Amazon is dominating the voice commerce area by having 90% market share. V-commerce is predicted to grow in the next years and therefore it is important for brands to improve their Amazon presence for Alexa’s recommendations. How can brands prepare for that today? Link

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