A new US study shows Amazon’s dominance in various areas of e-commerce. These include product search, reviews and customer loyalty. However, the study by Feedvisor, which itself supports brands on Amazon, should also be viewed critically.  Link

Online purchases are starting more often directly from Amazon. The route via Google is chosen less frequently: 54 percent of all search queries for products start directly with Amazon and 46 percent of the requests go through Google. Link

Amazon is failing in image search. The marketplace is far behind in Visual Search and has to leave the field to Google. The technology, which is particularly important for the young target group, has already developed significantly and Amazon hasn’t kept up with it. Link


Amazon announced the launch of Sponsored Ads in the Amazon Fresh category. The ads will appear in the regular Amazon search results as well as in the Fresh section. Also, it is exciting to see the possible connections of online and offline sales. Link

Amazon’s own brands do not seem to be a real competition for the established players. Gradually, more and more of the newly created brands turn out to be duds. Link

Amazon has made its DSP’s interface even more appealing and functional after it has significantly increased its use on the advertising platform. The changes include improvements in the workflow, reporting and approval process. Link

Amazon launches its new analysis tool for sellers in Europe. Amazon Brand Analytics provides an overview of the most searched keywords with the click and turnover rate of the listed products. Link

Amazon has announced an initiative called The Project Zero, where Brands who join the project are able to directly detect and remove counterfeit listings of their products from Amazon on their own. Link


Instagram has launched the “Instagram Shopping Checkout” to the platform, where products can be purchased directly from the app. Users can now conveniently buy products that they discover in the app directly. Link

How the 5 biggest tech giants make their billions: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook together have a yearly profit of over $ 800 billion. Here are they examined in more detail. Link

How will the future of e-commerce look like? Some interesting perspectives and predictions can be found here. Link