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How Ankerkraut uses Remdash to Simultaneously Increase Buy Box Share, Secure Additional Sales, and Save Time.

800 ASINs, 800 Buy Boxes, one widget. How Ankerkraut uses Remdash’s Buy Box share widget to keep track of their product portfolio, win the Buy Box over 30% more often, and secure 3% of previously lost sales as a result.

About Ankerkraut

Founded in Hamburg, Germany, Ankerkraut has been selling spices and spice blends since 2013. The products are available in over 5,000 shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. Ankerkraut additionally offers its range in its own online shop and through a hybrid model on the German Amazon marketplace.

The Challenge: Unmonitored Loss of the Buy Box

The Buy Box is a critical player in the game of generating sales on Amazon. Its loss can lead to a decrease in sales, and thus have devastating consequences for retailers. It happens time and again that third-party sellers take over the Buy Box without the brand owner’s knowledge.

In order to react quickly, brands must check the Buy Box on their product detail pages on a daily basis. As this is currently a manual process – ASIN by ASIN – this task involves an enormous amount of work for brands like Ankerkraut, which has a large product portfolio of over 800 listed ASINs.

With this problem in mind, the Ankerkraut team searched for a solution that would allow them to automatically track the status of the Buy Box for all ASINs, on a daily basis. The goal was to gain a quick overview and automate manual processes in order to increase Buy Box ownership and consequently secure sales.


Since we have a very large portfolio listed on Amazon, it happens time and again that third-party suppliers undercut the prices.

Maik Ehmcke

Amazon Product Owner, Ankerkraut

Maik Ehmcke
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The Solution: The Buy Box Share Widget from Remdash

In order to gain a wholistic overview of the Buy Box ownership of all 800 of their ASINs, and thus be able to specifically counteract any issues, Ankerkraut uses the Buy Box Share widget available in Remdash.

“The Buy Box Share widget helps me enormously to keep track of all our ASINs. That's why I look at it weekly and evaluate the split between Seller, Vendor and also third party seller.”

Says Maik Ehmcke, Amazon Product Owner at Ankerkraut. His team uses Remdash regularly to track the Buy Box share for the entire product range and, if necessary, to quickly take the steps necessary to win it back. 

In order to be informed in time about Buy Box losses, Ankerkraut has set up alerts that are triggered as soon as another Seller wins the Buy Box. If the Buy Box has been flagged as “No Buy Box,” the team can monitor what led to the loss and take the necessary actions to recover it. 

With alerts and regular dashboard monitoring in place, Ankerkraut utilises the Buy Box Share widget to avoid forfeiting sales and to save their team from the time-consuming process of manually checking each ASIN.

The Result

> 800hours of saved working time
> 30%improvement in Buy Box ownership
+ 3%*turnover secured

Since Ankerkraut started using Remdash and the Buy Box share widget, the company has increased its Buy Box ownership by over 30%. This has resulted in 3% more units sold in the last 12 months.

*period: 12 months of Remdash use


With Remdash and the alerts, we know immediately when we have lost Buy Box and can act quickly. This has enabled us to increase and maintain the Buy Box share by over 30% since we started using it, which is of course also reflected positively in the bottom line in terms of sales.

Maik Ehmcke

Amazon Product Owner, Ankerkraut

Maik Ehmcke
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