We are guided by your requirements- we offer you full support in anything that is important for your company on Amazon. As a leading provider of services and software solutions for brands on Amazon, we work in a technology-based and data-driven manner in every process. Because in everything we do, we are dedicated to your value-adding and sustainable success.


Strategic Consulting.

Are you asking yourself which sales channel best fits your product portfolio and company? Can Amazon run parallel with an online shop? Which marketplaces are relevant for us? We analyze the requirements and offer strategic e-commerce consulting.

Vendor Vs. Seller
Once the decision to sell on Amazon has been reached, there is a choice of models: Vendor (1P), FBM Seller (3P) or FBA Seller (3P). What are the options for using two models simultaneously (hybrid strategy)? We will examine together how you can best act as an Amazon Seller, and explain possible options. We also have close partners who can offer you solutions for tax, legal, and logistical issues. With us, brands are guaranteed an account manager on Amazon's side, even in the Seller Model.
Negotiation Strategies
We know that working with Amazon is often challenging. This results in the need for a diversification strategy (e.g. as a Seller). But even as a Vendor, it is possible to operate on an equal footing with Amazon. In most cases, it already helps to substantiate one's own view based on data. Which negotiation tactic works best? Do we need AVS, marketing packages and PCS? Is the proposed advertising budget too high? We can answer these questions.
Potential Analysis
In classic product development, the market situation and customer demand are too often neglected. On Amazon, both can be transparently understood. We tell you which niches are particularly attractive, and with what product you will be successful. Our potential analyses help major brands make trend-setting decisions. For example, at what sales price would we have to offer the product in order to achieve a top 3 position in the ranking for the most important search terms in the long run? Based on this, we can examine whether this can be implemented at all within the current supply chain structures.

Content Creation and Optimization.

Over the last few years we have optimized content for over 100,000 products and have thus gained extensive experience in content creation and optimization. Whether the product description, bullet points, or A+ content, our team has been able to develop market-leading processes and solutions in this area.

SEO for Amazon
Our proprietary content management system makes it possible to develop different style guides and rules for each brand and to comply with them constantly. Using a data-based approach, we then integrate keywords and features in the right places. We receive the keywords that are so important first-hand: Brand Analytics and Remdash provide us with the most important insights for the largest Amazon markets. We are also happy to take over the upload and regular updates of your content. The right content optimization provides your listings with increased visibility for relevant search terms.
Brand Content
Do you need brand content, such as product images or A+ pages? Our design and content teams work seamlessly to implement your ideas. We place particular emphasis on high-resolution graphics that clearly and attractively present product benefits. It is essential to integrate the features in the style of the brand language. With the correct understanding of available options, Amazon and branding do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Product Training
When it comes to product knowledge, we often encounter doubts on the part of potential partners. We clear these doubts before every cooperation by conducting extensive product training sessions together, during which we can understand your products in detail. Through this procedure we succeed in creating precise product descriptions.

Review Management and CRM.

Customer reviews on Amazon are a decisive factor for success.
To be highly ranked for the most important keywords in your listings, you should aim to have at least as many reviews as your competition.

Review Generation
The generation of additional reviews is one of the most discussed and controversial topics in recent years. We are happy to be at your side as a sparring partner in these conversations. With Amazon's option for generating reviews (Vine Program), we can help you by selecting the most suitable products or setting up advertising campaigns. Reviews are still one of the most important factors for increased visibility and conversion rates.
Consumer Insights
We see reviews on Amazon as an opportunity for free market research. Nowhere does the customer give more honest feedback on the product. With our proprietary analysis software, Remdash, we track the reviews on all of your markets and summarize them for you at regular intervals. This customer feedback provides conclusions for logistics, product development, or further optimization of product descriptions.
Review Management
In addition, we recommend answering questions and negative reviews on behalf of your company in order to increase the confidence of other customers. As a full service agency for Amazon, we can also support you in this area.

Advertising on Amazon.

In principle, we recommend that all marketing activities on Amazon are managed from a single source. Keywords and insights from content optimization are also the basis for your campaigns. And only if your products have elevated content and reviews is it worthwhile to advertise via Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display Ads. This highlights the importance of implementing a Retail Readiness Score.

Campaign Strategy
For the development of an advertising campaign strategy, it is essential to first define goals. Are you interested in profitability, sales growth, or increased visibility? We structure your product portfolio and set targets at category level. Together we will consider how to avoid cannibalizing organic sales through your advertising campaigns. The central question is often how much should be spent on Branded vs. Non-Branded campaigns. Our advertising management tool allows us to closely monitor the budgets for different portfolios and campaign types. It also enables us to 'pace', meaning budgets are distributed evenly, which enables us to achieve profitability increases when taking over a new account.
How do you deal with sales events like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday? We answer whether you should participate in these events and recommend deal formats, as well as products for promotion. Which deals are worthwhile for the rest of the year? We investigate whether your last Lightning Deals have led to sustainable sales increases.
Furthermore, all of our consultants are Amazon DSP certified and can implement tailor-made campaigns for you, even with smaller budgets. All e-commerce consultants and advertising managers at Remazing have acquired the offered Amazon Advertising Certificates.


On Amazon you have to keep an eye on the developments. We help you with our software solution, Remdash.

Content Tracking
Remdash as an SEO tool allows you to monitor your content elements on Amazon. Constant monitoring is necessary, due to frequent content display changes from Amazon. As soon as there is a deviation from the stored content elements, such as product description or bullet points, in our database, you will be notified immediately.
KPI Monitoring
Alternatively, Remdash can also track any KPIs that are relevant to you. Together, we define your most important success factors in advance of developing your personal dashboard. Remdash is unique - we've developed fuctions in close communication with our clients to meet their changing and evolving needs. In the future we will continue to focus on your feedback and use it as a basis for the rapid implementation of new features. Our reports are comprehensive and tailored to your requirements. In addition to describing developments, we also make recommendations in each report.