Amazon Shopper Report 2022.
In July 2022, with the support of Appinio, we surveyed 1,000 people in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and the USA on the following topics:
  • Online-Shopping & Amazon
  • Buying behaviour on Amazon
  • Amazon as a product search engine
  • Amazon Advertising
What's inside.
Key Insights.

90% of Brits have ordered from Amazon at least once.

The most mentioned advantages of Amazon are the fast delivery and the product selection – even before the price.

90% of Brits have a positive image of Amazon.

Amazon is just as popular as social media. More than three times as many respondents would give up alcohol than Amazon.

According to their own statements, 60% of Amazon customers buy (almost) everything on the online marketplace.

63% of Brits are more likely to start searching for products in all categories on Amazon than on Google or other online marketplaces.

About Remazing.
Remazing is a leading international provider of services and software solutions for brands on Amazon and other online marketplaces. As a global partner of industry leaders such as Henkel, Beiersdorf and Under Armour, we help brand companies to write their own success stories in all relevant markets.
Our team of over 90 e-commerce experts develops locally adapted strategies and ensures the implementation of content optimisation, advertising campaigns and monitoring using our Remdash software solution. In 2021, we received the "E-Commerce Germany Award" and the "Best Retail Cases Award".
About Appinio.
Appinio is the global market research platform based in Hamburg, which enables companies to get thousands of opinions from specific target groups worldwide in just a few minutes. For the first time, everyone can validate decisions and ideas in real time - with representative results from consumers.
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